About Us

Our expertise allows us to provide a broad range of acoustic services. We carry out various acoustic reports for noise intrusions related to aircraft, railways, traffic, restaurants, childcare centres, industrial buildings; in addition to noise from Air-conditioning, motorized ventilation systems and other noise intrusion sources.

Our scope of work for a standard acoustic report consists of:


  • Acoustic Noise Survey for existing background noise levels
  • Acoustic Calculations for LAeq, LA10 and LA90
  • Compare measured background noise
  • Noise control recommendation (E.g. Windows, doors, walls and setbacks)

Acoustic Solutions has extensive experience in the building acoustics field and is able to provide practical and sound advice on noise and vibration in a broad range of projects.


Our services

  • Noise Emissions
    A Study on noise emissions from trains traveling across the East Hill line, at 13-15 Bryant St, Narwee.
  • Noise intrusions
    A Study on noise intrusions created by Centrifugal fans installed at Rengaya Restaurant, North Sydney
  • Traffic Noise
    A Study on traffic noise affecting 15 unit development at Sherbrooke Rd, Hornsby.
  • Aircraft Noise
    A study on aircraft noise affecting development at 105-155 Euston Rd, Alexandria.
  • Noise Control Assesment
    Noise control assessment at 493 Hume Highway, Yagoona.
  • Aircraft Intrusion
    Study of aircraft intrusion at 155 Frederick St, Bexley