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  • Study on Noise intrusions

    Study on Noise intrusions

    A Study on noise intrusions created by Centrifugal fans installed at Rengaya Restaurant, North Sydney

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  • Traffic Noise Study Hornsby

    Traffic Noise Study Hornsby

    A Study on traffic noise affecting 15 unit development at Sherbrooke Rd, Hornsby.

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  • Noise Emissions Study Bondi

    Noise Emissions Study Bondi

    A study related on noise emissions related to the Sing along studio, Bondi Junction.

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  • Noise emitted from fans

    Noise emitted from fans

    Studies on noise emitted from fans and the reduction of such intrusions

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  • Aircraft Noise Study

    Aircraft Noise Study

    A study on aircraft noise affecting development at 6 Denby St, Marrickville.

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  • Noise Emissions from Trains

    Noise Emissions from Trains

    A study on noise emissions from trains traveling across Sefton station at 28 Kara St, Sefton.

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  • Traffic Noise Menai

    Traffic Noise Menai

    A study on traffic noise affecting townhouses development at 11 Old Illawarra Rd, Menai.

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  • Traffic Noise Development

    Traffic Noise Development

    A study on traffic noise affecting 15 unit development at 1 Astolat St, Randwick

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